Massage Therapies

These are highly effective at relieving back pain, neck pain and conditions such as frozen shoulder, sciatica and whiplash.  Massage not only helps ease the physical symptoms by relaxing muscles and easing joint movement, it also helps deal with underlying causes by:
  • Making you more relaxed
  • Making you less tense
  • Improving your sense of wellbeing
  • Helping you sleep better

An alternative to massage is Zero Balancing - a deeply relaxing hands-on therapy which does not require you to remove your clothes and can be used for similar conditions.


is a luxurious Face Massage to help you look and feel younger. Deeply relaxing, the skin is toned and lines soften. Facial acupressure points help detox and boost your immune system and vitality.

Quantum Wave Laser may be added to stimulate collagen formation and has the added benefit of improving the health of skin, teeth and gums.
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