Which Therapy – What Works Best for You?

At the Exeter Mind and Body clinic we want to make sure you find the therapy that will deliver the best results for you. We have a wide range of therapies under one roof and we are all dedicated to working together to help you achieve lasting improvements in your condition.

For more information on your particular condition and the therapies that can help please have a look at the following:

Find out more about Depression, Anxiety, Loss, Bereavement and Anger

Find out more about Physical Conditions, Pain and Injury

This information will help you understand a little more about the therapies available and will help you decide what will work best for you. Between us we've helped thousands of people in Exeter and across Devon to discover lasting relief and improve their quality of life.

Don’t feel you have to make a final choice here. All of our therapists carry out an initial assessment and will happily refer you to a colleague if they believe that you will respond better to a different approach.

Please call Cathy on  07989 564660 if you want more information on the therapies we offer and how they can help, or if you would like an initial consultation to agree your best course of action.

Cathy, Clinic Manager